VegaLash Serum Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the VegaLash Serum

You don’t need to pay a million bucks so you look like a million bucks. Developing and following the proper skin care is important and you can upgrade your skills for getting that incredible Hollywood look that we all praise and want.

One of the things you can do for your face and overall look is to have longer and thicker lashes. A good quality serum is going to help you on that, giving you the attractive and healthier look that you were looking for.

Who is Vegamour? What can VegaLash Serum do for your eye lashes?

Vegamour is a small company that creates 100% vegan skin care products that include no animal hormones. The company gives us the cosmetic products that make nature and science work together just fine, helping your eyelashes not only to grow thicker and longer, but also doing it in a natural way.

The VegaLash Serum stands out with its special combination of ingredients, boosting your brow’s hair follicles and helping them always grow. The serum includes conditioning and strengthening ingredients which help your brows and lashes look and become thicker.

VegaLash Serum review

What are the main ingredients?

The serum is formulated on a patent-pending combination of various bio-active phytomolecules that sustain cell population and the activation of anagen (also knowns growth) phase of lashes. The Polyphytobase Complex is going to help your skin get thicker, longer and fuller in just a couple of weeks.

The main ingredients within the formula are Zinc, biotin, isoflavones and multiple ingredients that are well known for their ability to boost the hair growth.

Another thing that is very important to mention related to the formula is that the serum is safe and 100% vegan, gluten-free and hormone-free as well. It doesn’t contain any silicones, PEG, PPG, EO or mineral oils either.

Let’s go over the details for a better understanding of the efficiency of the serum:

  • Zinc-it removes dullness from hair and slows down the graying of your hair. It’s important for the DNA and RNA production and sustains anagen stage of the hair growth cycle. It’s strong enough to reverse the hair loss thanks to the negative enzymatic reactions.
  • Biotin-is well known as the vitamin H. it’s fundamental for the well-being of your hair and skin and helps your eyelashes grow. It’s an amazing ingredient that thickens the eye lashes, reducing the risk for brittleness and breakage.
  • Magnolia officinalis bark extract-has anti-inflammatory properties and sustains the health of your eye lashes
  • Clover flower extract-it cleanses the hair and it’s high in isoflavones. It helps the eye lashes grow stronger and keeps the risk for skin irritation under control. It gives the lashes a healthy and nice volume, adding them a pleasant shine.
  • Citric acid- is a natural exfoliator that cleanses the skin and hair.
  • Butylene glycol (plant based)-is an important ingredient for the cosmetic products that explains their lightweight consistency. It helps the serum leave a nice feel and no residue behind.
  • Propylene glycol (plant based)-it helps the serum work better and easier.

The serum stands out as it’s made without any hormones or carcinogens, presenting no side effects. It’s safe and efficient and the delicate formula addresses all skin types.

It’s also important to highlight that many of the key ingredients within the serum are produced by female-owned and operated business and co-ops.

What are the tips when using it?

You may include the serum in your morning routine. Once your face is washed, you may easily apply the VegaLash Volumizing serum. Your face needs to be clean and makeup –free.

For best results, you should use the serum also in the evening. Go ahead and start the skin care routine with an efficient cleansing of your skin. Take a leap of faith and use the oil-free makeup remover by Vegaamour.  The Vegamour Gentle Oil Free Makeup Remover is formulated so that is works best with Vegamour products. What better to take care of your eye lashes but taking care of them all the way?

Vegamour Gentle Oil Free Makeup Remover review

If you really want to have more impressive results, you should stick to using the serum and apply it even twice a day.

You only need a bit of it for the lower and lash lines. Don’t hesitate to continue with your normal skincare routine afterwards.

The serum doesn’t lead to irritation, but only to thicker and even longer eyelashes. It doesn’t leave an uncomfortable feel and it’s going to get you good for quite some time.

In spite its formula, it doesn’t require any special conditions for storing. It’s the best-selling VegaLash product and you need to give a go whenever in need

What are the best parts? What is it that we don’t like about it?

The serum brings to the table many good things so here’s a list of them:

  • It’s a 100% vegan and cruelty free serum
  • It helps your eyelashes get stronger, thicker and longer
  • It gives results after a couple of weeks
  • It’s safe to use on all skin types and gives no irritation
  • It doesn’t leave an uncomfortable feel behind and no residue either
  • It’s made with numerous potent ingredients
  • It’s formulated on the patented pending Polyphytobase Complex

We’re not going to change our mind over the minor issues, but having the full picture does help:

  • Some feel it’s a tad pricey
  • As in any other cosmetic, it may not work as fast or as great for everyone.

Do we have a winner or not?

The lash enhancer from Vegamour is a valid choice for the customer that is concern about its health and is only willing to try the hormone and carcinogen-free cosmetics. This serum sure is the perfect example of the 100%vegan cosmetic that helps your eyelashes get fuller, thicker and longer, without any chemicals in the formula. The patent pending complex, the zinc and biotin and the combo per se isn’t just powerful, but also delicate enough to work on all skin types. No thinner or unattractive eyelashes when using the serum. You’re now in for an amazing treat!

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