Amber Rose shows us how to get inked easier

Teaming yet again with Flirt Cosmetics, Amber Rose has put her ideas to work with a little help from the renowned artist Donald Robertson. This is how a brand new line of temp tattoos got launched on the market.

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If this is a big news to you, here some input: Amber Rose has been using faux eyelashes for quite some time now and she’s all about looking better easier every time. Using faux eyelashes is one of the things that the beloved celeb does and now she’s on to something new: getting inked easier.

Amber got together with Donald Robertson and came up with a new line of temporary tattoos, preparing her very next release with Flirt Cosmetics. Luckily for all of use, the new temporary tattoos aren’t just for the festival season, unlike so many other brands out there.

We all have to admit: we’re not that brave when it comes to tattoos (there’s only one Bella Thorne out there) and Amber Rose makes it all easier for all of use.

The name is pretty self-explanatory, “Chicers” (stickers and chic altogether, right?) and the line includes several temporary tats that range from eyeliners, eyelash to lip facial stickers and more. Hearts, dots, moons and all sorts of shapes are found within the collection. Additionally, for $18, you’re also ending up with a pretty good deal, especially you truly love the body art.

Next thing you know is Halloween all over again so why not try some of these tats, especially if you’re not happy with your last-minute DIY costume.

On the off chance you’re not going to be the bad ass in town, you’re still going to stand out, at least from your dad, friends and anyone out there willing to get in the competition.

Side note? We can hardly wait and see what Amber and Flirt are up to in the future.

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