Wazor Professional Hair Dryer Review


Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Wazor Professional Hair Dryer

If your hair is thick, coarse, dry or simply African-American you just know that finding the right hair blow dryer is no picnic.

Not only your blow dryer has to be powerful enough to dry your hair fast, but it also has to be able to leave your hair shiny, soft and frizz-free.

Why is Wazor Professional Hair Blow Dryer different?

The Wazor Professional hair blow dryer comes with many features that recommend it for use on thick, coarse and curly hair, without damaging it and with no flyaways at the end of the hair drying.

The dryer is made with Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Technology with even more negative ions which explains why it leaves your hair shinier, softer and with less static.

It also presents far infrared heat which has a longer wavelength than regular heat. It goes right into the cortex of your hair cuticles, heating from the inside out. It heats evenly your hair and fast too, protecting your hair and strengthening your hair’s barrier that keeps bacteria and chemical at distance.

Let’s go into the details

In order to get to better, understand why is dryer so efficient, you need to get a closer look at its features and technical info.

The dryer comes with a professional 1875 Watts AC motor that has a good life span, taking the intense use in a salon as well. The professional grade motor presents an airflow speed of 90km/hour which is pretty impressive.

The adjustability isn’t bad at all and the dryer gives you 2 speeds to choose from, for a better hair drying. It also gives you the chance to use one of the 3 heat settings, according to your needs. The cool shot button is great for the final touch when hair drying your hair. All of these settings offer you the possibility to get a complete drying and styling flexibility.

The negative ionic feature repairs and smooths out 100x more negative ions than other ionic dryers so your hair is shiny and the flyways are gone at the end of drying.

The dryer features an air filter that reduces the risk for the hair to get drawn into the duct. Additionally, the filter is easy to remove for cleaning and takes the use for a long time.

The cord is long and gives you plenty of freedom of movement. The dryer also features an anti-leakage plug. Once the short circuit caused by leakage, this feature gets automatically activated so that everyone around you and yourself stay safe.

The list of functional details doesn’t stop here and the hair dryer features a LED that informs you when the Ionic is turned on. The red far infrared is an important detail that turns on at maximum temperature.

What’s to say about the use?

The dryer is easy to use and many think its weight is just right. The balance is good so the hair dryer doesn’t put much strain on your arms or shoulder while using it. Anyways, it dries your hair pretty fast so you’re not going to use it for hours either.

Powerful and presenting a durability feel, the hair dryer is user-friendly and its long cord lets you style and dry your hair just the way you want.

The hair dryer comes with attachments that are easy to clip on/off.

As for the looks, we really go for the nice color combo and the sleek design. The hair dryer sure looks nice and elegant and its hook makes it easier to hang it while in use.

What are the best parts about it?

We do like plenty of things on the hair dryer so here are our favs:

  • The hair dryer is powerful and easy to use
  • It leaves your hair shiny, soft and frizz-free
  • It presents Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic technology
  • It has a good weight and balance
  • It dries your hair fast
  • It presents a sleek profile and a nice color combination

Even though the minor issues aren’t deal breakers for us, we think it’s only fair to list them:

  • The grip could be improved
  • It’s not the quietest dryer out there
  • Some think the LED is too bright

What’s our verdict?

Drying thick and coarse hair, fast and frizz-free, the hair dryer is a valid option for many. It looks nice and doesn’t put much strain on your arms either and its elegant appearance only increases its overall value, especially considering the buck you’re paying.

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