When you embark on a weight-loss journey, the results can be good at the start, but it may reach a point where you feel stuck. This is the time in which you need to incorporate some advanced techniques, especially in your diet, so that you can continue to shed some weight. Reducing your calorie intake for weight loss purposes is not fun at all; as such, most people prefer using techniques that can help them with weight loss in the fastest way possible. Eating meals with a calorie deficit for a longer time can be boring. You may also lose some strength and muscle mass. Furthermore, the body can decide to down-regulate your metabolism, meaning that you cannot lose weight, even at a low-calorie intake. Having regular refeed days is the most appropriate remedy for this. You will be able to have a high-calorie intake, feel better, and lose weight in a quicker fashion.

What is a refeed

What is refeeding?

Refeeding is consuming meals with a surplus number of calories on a caloric-deficit period i.e. when you are working on losing weight. Refeeding should be regular but on planned days. On these days, you are able to eat more food than on normal occasions. This way, your body will not feel deprived, hence sticking to your caloric deficit diet for a longer time becomes easier. In fact, if you use this method together with steroids from reliable vendors like Musclesfax, the results can be overwhelming. You will find yourself losing weight on a diet that is low in calories but without having food cravings. Remember, refeed days are not cheat days in which you can eat whatever you want. You should take care not to eat meals that can make matters get out of hand. Avoid meals that can make you gain more fat.

Why you should have refeed days

Having regular refeed days can be of great benefit to your body, both physiologically and psychologically. You are in a position to get a break from your diet, which may have started to bore you. The break can be temporary, but at least you do not feel deprived during your cutting period. Regular refeed days can also help you normalize the body’s leptin levels. This way, your metabolism will not be down-regulated, meaning that your craving for food goes down. Having regular refeed days prepares you mentally to stick to your diet that is low in calories. You also increase the body’s metabolism, allowing you to lose more weight days after.

Structuring your refeed days

Structuring your refeed days

It is important to eat completely different meals to the ones you usually have on your planned refeed days. When on a caloric deficit diet, you are required to have meals with a 20-25% calorie deficit, adequate proteins, plenty of carbs, and moderate fats. On refeed days, you will first increase your calories by 30%. Take care not to take in too many calories, as you will be at risk of gaining additional weight. Consume about a gram of protein for every pound of body weight, very little fat—like 45 grams—and carbohydrates to supplement your caloric intake.

Best foods to eat during refeeds

The question of what foods are best to eat during refeeds is so much dependent on you as the individual doing it. The crucial thing is to ensure the foods are in line with your calorie and macro targets. But if you want some guidance or suggestions, the idea is to go for foods that are very rich in carbohydrates but have minimal dietary fats. Some good examples to consider include:


Among the terrific reefed food choices, sushi is one of them. However, you have to be cautious about the type of sushi that you go for. You have to give a wide berth to the types that have lots of fatty ingredients like avocado, salmon, and foods that have been deep fried such as meat, fish, and veggies. Instead, go for such sushi types like Nigri which comprise of a slice of raw or cooked rice made to form a layer on top of carb-laden rice. Some perfect Nigri for reefed include those with shrimp or white fish which guarantee you the high carb and low fat meal that you are seeking. Also, tuna rolls ,cucumber rolls and California rolls would equally offer you that kind of Nigri sushi.


A generous serving of pasta is a good choice for your refeed. Regardless of your pick of pasta -whole meal, white or spinach pasta- the food is a perfect refeed food item.

Fat free ice-cream or frozen yoghurt

Fat free ice-cream or frozen yoghurt

Do you have a hard time controlling your sweet tooth? Well, do not worry, there are some things to take care of that. You have tons of amazing choices from the frozen food section. Some of those include low fat ice-cream as well as fat-free ice-creams, frozen yoghurt, sherbets and others. The key thing is to ensure they have very little or none.


While ranking the most popular refeed meals, cereal is on top of the list. The beauty of cereal is that you have a wide choice and you do not have to just limit yourself to granola and bran flakes. You could re-live your childhood days of fantasies about cereals with marshmallows, brownie chunks, cocoa and cookie dough. Spoil yourself with cereal and those other stuffs and let your inner toddler have a great day.

How often to do refeeds

The frequency of refeed days depends on an individual since different persons respond differently to diets. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is that the leaner you are, the more often you can take refeed days. Here are some guidelines you may give a thought:

  •    If you have more than 20% body fat, take refeed once every month
  •    If you are between 15% and 20% body fat, refeed once every fortnight
  •    If you are in the range of 8% and 15% body fat, reefed one time every week
  •    For those with less than 8% body fat, refeed twice in a week

Bottom line

Refeed are a great and effective way of raising your leptin and metabolism levels. When they are well planned and executed, they can allow your body to carry on burning fat at an optimal rate getting you closer to that killer physique you dream of. Also, they will keep you motivated. However, caution should be taken so as not to turn refeeds into cheat days thus make them ineffective.