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Amla is one such wonder fruit that has found its way to promote healthy and shiny hair for over years. So, it’s only natural that hair oil products in market today imbibe on the goodness of Amla as the chief ingredient, beside others. Amla, scientifically known as Phyllanthus Emblica has been recognised as a natural antidote to hair loss and premature greying. When applied directly on to scalp, Amla has been effective in restoring natural condition and hence promote hair growth for people suffering from hair loss.

Speaking on the same note, Amla as a fruit has long been mentioned in the books of Ayurveda where it was soaked in coconut and sesame oil to heathen the effect of hair oil to be put to use. The same process is followed till date where Amla serves to be the chief ingredient in Ayurdevic hair oils. Regular use of Amla Hair Oil has shown considerable improvement in volume, length and shine of hair like no other ingredient can claim to offer. Amla is perhaps the only natural offering that to brings forth a plethora of benefits across all its forms – liquid, powder or raw. Along with a well-to-do diet plan and a good hair care routine, there is nothing stopping you from getting healthier and shinier hair. Read on to find out how you can make the most out of Amla and what makes it an indispensable component for good, healthy and shiny tresses, year after year.

What makes Amla incessantly good?

Amla contains high amount of fatty acids which is believed to nourish the roots of the hair in order to mitigate chances of hair loss, itchy scalp and reduce dandruff. The very first study for the effect of Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil was carried on by Indian researchers on rodents and rabbits, which showed positive growth of fur for over a period of 15 days, compared to those animals that weren’t treated with Amla.

Similar experiments with other animals like sheep didn’t return favourable results owing to the absence of a fat layer, present in rabbits and humans alike. Available in various concentrations, Amla is often being diluted with water to lower the concentration level thus making it a lot weaker compared to higher concentrated products that carry less water. Now, lowering the concentration would eventually lessen he effect right?  Wrong. The weakening formula for Amla is actually good and is often recommended to be the best concentration when it’s maintained at 7.5 percent in ratio to water. So, next time you consider buying a new Amla hair oil product, check the label on the bottle for the percentage of Amla. Having said that, here are three key benefits of using Amla Hair Oil:

  • Improved Hair Growth

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Amla is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals along with phyto-nutrients. Together, they help and promote blood circulation. Further the presence of Vitamin C also leads to production of collagen which is known to boost hair length and volume in tandem.  Besides they also help in replacing all dead cells with new ones in order to give rise to new hair.

  • A Great Cleanser

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That’s right. Amla is known to be a natural cleanser owing to the presence of antioxidants which is helpful in protecting ones hair from daily dust, heat and pollution. Besides, Amla also works great for people having frizzy or damaged hair as it naturally restores lost moisture from your hair. Also, it works to replace the dead cells for new hair to growth faster and stronger.

  • Adds shine and strength

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Amla can be also used in the shape of a hair mask to impart shine to your hair. Also, the presence of Vitamin C helps prevent premature greying which is a common problem these days. If you wish to apply henna, consider adding Amla powder as well which will not only enhance the goodness of henna but also render your hair softer and shinier. Amla when applied to hair regularly works to strengthen the hair follicles from the root and help retain the original colour of your hair along with its natural lustre.

The right way to use Amla for Hair

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There are many out there who prefer applying Amla Hair Oil ditching other hair conditioners used conventionally. The best way to apply Amla Hair Oil is to massage your scalp and continue to do the same until your strands are properly oiled. After one has applied Amla Hair Oil to their scalp, try covering your hair wearing a shower cap or wrap a towel around followed by a good wash.  For best results, an overnight massage with Amla Hair Oil is often recommended by hair and beauty experts alike. Such routines work great for people who complain of moderate to heavy dandruff and are looking for a way to get rid of that itchy scalp as well.

Should one be worried of any side effects?

Amla has often been the object of several researches but has seldom reported of any major side effects. In certain minor cases, there have been some issues like skin irritation and other such allergic reactions, which disappeared within a short time. People who use Amla oil as a hair conditioner should be careful so as to  keep it away from entering your eyes as this might lead to a bit of irritation like any other oil. Also, Amla oil happens to be a bit slippery so care should be taken to wash it off completely from your hands before you grasp anything.