If you travel a lot or traveling is your forte then, you must know the dos and don’ts of the airport luggage and packing. Here we will be talking about what you should consider for the luggage, packing, and traveling altogether. Have a look. 

You must know what Airport rules allow

The rules of the airport continually changes. And you get to hear the same question, again and again, million times that what size of liquids are allowed to accompany yourself. For example, currently, you can carry 100 ml of mini liquids, perfumes, sprays, and gels. Baggage restrictions are applied on contact lens solution, baby food, non-prescription medicine, etc.

Similarly, in hassle don’t forget to pack some essentials like mini-liquid foundation, makeup remover, wipes, mists, nail files, lighters, etc.

What should I pack in my hand-carry luggage?

It should have all the essential items and belongings at which you can’t afford any risk. Like Cash, Cheques, debit/ credit cards, any business or personal documents, etc.  Keep them in hand-carry luggage for the safe side. Similarly, medicines for any emergency should also be in the same place. Small electronic gadgets like mobiles, iPad, iPod, tablets, should be there too at the same place.

This precautionary step helps in avoiding the damage which may be caused during flight missing or delaying situations. Similarly, all valuable items should also be placed in the same place like; Jewelry should be packed safely in a secure, zip-pocket bag of your luggage. Make sure it doesn’t fall out while moving around during or before the flight.

Make good use of sweaters or other types of clothing. It can also be used to pack electronics or other gadgets for extra padding. 

There’s more for you in this section.

What should I have in my personal items?

Additionally, with a hand-carry you are allowed to travel with a personal item too. It can be anything like a laptop bag, any briefcase, camera packer, a purse, or a small carrier, etc. The average size requirements for personal items is 16cm x 43cm x 33cm. Similarly, if you are traveling along with an infant; you can take an extra diaper bag with you too. If you want to take stroller or car seat too with you, then ask the specific airline’s staff for it. Most airlines will require you to check any baggage that exceeds the restrictions, it may result in extra fees.

Quick Review of luggage and packing


  • Check your luggage size properly.
  • Make sure you can lift your carry on easily. Place all the money, valuable items, and important documents in it.
  • Don’t forget to put your personal belongings under the seat.
  • Pack the electronic gadgets in hand-carry or in the personal luggage. 


  • Don’t carry liquids with you of more than 100ml in the baggage. Check your luggage size properly.
  • Don’t take lighters, scissors, sharp things, nail files, or pocket-knives in your hand-carry luggage. 


For all of you who travels around the globe, and want a lightweight carry-on bag then Victorinox luggage bag is the answer. All of its designs meet every major airlines’ requirements. Once you get to know its features and functions, you can’t help but love it. Have a look at some of the best Victorinox luggage bags options.

1. Etherius Large Expandable Travel Case 

Etherius Large Expandable Travel Case is one of the most sought-after bags. It is because Victorinox focuses on high-quality rather than affordability, that’s budget will be slightly expensive. You may take it as a long-term investment. It is made up of100% polycarbonate, which is designed very well. It can easily bend and is highly flexible, so there’s no problem with breakage. If we talk about the structure, it has four Hinimoto wheels. The handle is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, which has three multiple-height settings.

The dimension is similar to any of the large suitcase which is 29.5” x 18.5” x 12.2”. The expansion feature helps in elongating the packing capacity of up to 15%. The suitcase interior is made up of nylon and has a two compartments divider of zipped walls. People usually use the Y-shaped compression straps to keep the clothes wrinkle-free in their main compartment. Similarly, one more highlight of this fantastic product is its TSA-approved combination lock. Many bold color choices are available in it like black, bronze, golden, silver, etc.

2. Spectra 2.0 Medium Expandable Spinner 

The Spectra 2.0 Medium Expandable Spinner is one of the most convenient Victorinox’s product with a top-loading design. It is made up of polycarbonate shell with a scratch-resistant matte finish. It allows you to pack the suitcase from bottom to top with the help of a zippered front door. The suitcase interior is made up of nylon and has a two compartments divider of zipped walls. People usually use the Y-shaped compression straps to keep the clothes wrinkle-free in their main compartment.

Its dimensions are of 27.2” x 17.7” x 11.8” which almost expands up to double its size. Prominent features include locking handle and four dual-caster wheels.  It is so spacious that you can easily pack as many garments you want. The available colors are black, navy, and red.

3. Avolve 3.0 Large Expandable Carry-On Spinner

It has fantastic dimensions of 24” x 16” x 10” with a weight of just 6.6 pounds. It combines the best aspects of hard and soft-shell suitcases. The structure is made up of 100% polycarbonate frame, which saves and protects your luggage from any knocks and dents. It is highly durable, and it is made up of nylon.

There’s a large U-shaped compartment outside of the suitcase with a built-in pocket, padded sleeve for all your travel essentials, etc. The suitcase interior is made up of nylon, has spinner wheels, and has a two compartments divider of zipped walls. People usually use the Y-shaped compression straps to keep the clothes wrinkle-free in their main compartment. It includes black and blue colors.

4. VX Sport Scout Laptop Backpack

 VX Sport Scout Laptop Backpack is one of the best Victorinox rugged style luggage bags. It has three different interior sections, a padded rear compartment, and a middle compartment comprising of mesh zippered pocket with a file divider. Its front compartment is best to use for your organizational skills. It has side compression straps to stabilize the heavy loads. A handle is also integrated into it. The padded shoulder straps in it are adjustable. The dimensions are 10.5” x 19.5” x 14” and the available colors are black, blue or red.

5. VX Touring Wheeled Duffel Extra-Large

The Victorinox VX Touring Wheeled Duffel is the best choice if you are an adventure junky and traveling for that purpose. It has a sturdy look and an abrasion-resistant fabric. The dimensions are 32.3” x 15.4” x 12.6”.  It has a U-shaped opening in the main compartment with a zippered mesh lid pocket, Y-shaped compression straps and a side pocket with some storage slots. It expands by up to 1.1 inches. The bag is so easy to clean.

6. Adventure Traveler with RFID Protection

 The Victorinox Adventure Traveler is best for commuters. The black color complements the stylish look. The dimension is 10.75” x 8.5” x 3”. RFID is one of the main highlights of this product, which helps in preventing your stored data into the microchips. The overall look is scratch-resistant, and the compartment has handy pockets with a zippered panel. You may use it as a shoulder bag or a torso.