gold eye contact lenses

Innovation is the result of our curiosity to try something new and unique. Every time we get something new, we hope for its further version. The demand is high in every field, that may be in the area of mobiles, food, clothing, appliances, and appearance. As we know that in today’s world, everyone is much more concerned about their looks, and they always keep on trying to innovate something new and trendy.

Nowadays, eyewear is an ongoing latest trend among everyone. And this demand for eyewear has invented a range of eye contact lenses. Lenses are available in a different color, which can make them look different and add more beauty to their appearance. But now let me tell you about the innovation made in the field of eye contact lenses. After a range of new lenses in different colors now, these contact lenses are also available in gold.

The innovation of gold contact lenses!

You should not be amazed to learn about this new invention, because day by day some of the other innovations take place which leaves us amazed. These gold contact lenses are invented by Dr. Chandrashekhar  Chawan, who is an Optometrist, Ocularist, and Ocular scientist. He is from Shekhar Eye Research India, and these gold contact lenses got invented in collaboration with ARC Cosplay Contact Lenses LLC USA.

These gold contact lenses contain very less amount of Gold Nanoparticles of 24 carats in a specialized paste. These contact lenses got branded as Golden View. It is entirely safe to use it as the gold particles do not touch the sensitive eye tissue. Its surface is coated with soft contact lenses with an extra layer of Tetrafilcon A to sandwich it. This contact lenses add a golden effect to your eye and make it look more beautiful.

How to use it?

After its invention, many got fascinated and wanted to try it. So it was made available to all and is marketed in JV with a renowned jewelry group of Binny’s.  It’s effortless to use it and similar to the other ordinary contact lenses. You have to wear it in the same way as you wear different colored lenses.

These Gold View Contact lenses contain 43%water and 67% Tetrafilcon A material powder Plano. These contact lenses should be kept in sterile flexilens plus+ contact lens solutions and should be kept inside that solution all the time when not in use. It can be used regularly for one year. But still, it is advised to the people who have eye diseases or infections not to use these lenses as it may affect their eyesight. Though it looks beautiful, we should always use it if it suits us.


The inventor of this contact Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan is now introducing IPL logos, company logos, or Indian flags in these eye lenses which are going to trend in the market. This invention of Golden Eye Contact lenses has already attracted the users, and now another invention is going to add more glory to it.