Edge Control Product Reviews

No matter how you’re wearing your hair, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t ever forget about: your hair edges.

A good hair edge is going to give you that final touch for your hair style, helping it to look flawless or …not. Edge control comes in wax, pomade, and gel and it’s typically easy to apply. It efficiently eliminates the flyways and frizz, as long as you’re doing it right.

Side note on edge control

There are many options out there that also give you a headache, when using them. Some may leave streaks of white on your edges, whereas others may simply run down your face once you’re out in the sun.

However, if you’re using the edge control right, you’re going to be able to get the edge control and have that fresh vibe for your hair.

The key tools for using edge control

A soft toothbrush and/or a common boar bristle brush, a satin head scarf, your favorite oil and an alcohol-free edge control product is what you need for smoothing down your edges.

You should start with applying your cream/leave-in conditioner and oil to your edges. Continue with the edge control product and use the toothbrush for pushing back the hair with product on it.

Tie the head scarf around your head and keep it like this for half an hour or so. This is how your hair is going to smooth out your edges, for that nice final touch.

How to choose one? What are the tips when using one?

It’s important to use edge control products that reduce the risk for breakage and sustain the hair growth. Get products that don’t contain petroleum, alcohol or mineral oil. The products formulated on alcohol are going to dry out your hair, whereas the ones including petroleum or mineral oil are going to clog the hair follicles.

Don’t pull your hair back too tightly and make your ponytails/buns a bit loose, as you don’t want to damage your scalp while working on the edges. Try to combine the hair styles (low bun one day and high bun the next day), so that you minimize the risk for hair breakage that is linked to the edge control products.

Never forget about satin scarves, bonnets and even the pillowcase. The satin lowers friction and protects your hair.


Top 10 Edge Control Product Reviews

1. The popularity of the Organic R/s Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel speaks volume and you shouldn’t let its low price fool you, as the hair gel does a great job for taming your edges.

Organic R/s Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel review

The formula doesn’t include alcohol, but it’s able to ensure a good hold. It works for both relaxed and normal hair. It slicks down and holds your edges, adding a healthy radiance as well. It moisturizes the hair and it’s not greasy. It doesn’t harden the hair and has no sticky feel either. You may confidently use it for holding the slick styles.

The list of ingredients includes olive oil, aloe Vera leaf juice, hydrogenated castor oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein and many more.

It works for the thick hair and lays pretty well. It has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave a white residue. It doesn’t cause a crunchy feel and works for the sensitive skin too.

As for the price, it may seal the deal for many.

Let’s list our favs:

  • The gel holds down the edges
  • It gives a healthy shine to the hair
  • It moisturizes and slicks down the hair
  • It works for both relaxed and normal hair

The minor issues aren’t many:

  • It sits on the thick side
  • One may experience break outs when using it

If your wallet is rather empty, you should get your ducks in a row and take the leap of faith with the gel. It’s not only a great bang for your buck, but also a valid choice for controlling your edges.

2. When you’re going shopping on a tight budget, the stakes are high but that doesn’t mean you should get back home empty handed. The Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges is the perfect example for that and you should give it a try.

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges review

The cream is going to control and put your edges under control, without adding unnecessary weight on your hair. It moisturizes the hair and gives it a natural and healthy shine.

It’s a great option for the natural and relaxed hair and its formula is so effective. It contains argan oil from Morocco and several ingredients popular for their benefits on hair. The formula contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, rosemary leaf oil, sweet almond oil and hydrogenated castor oil. The smell is strong, but very pleasant.

A little goes a long way and the cream is quite a bang for your buck. It doesn’t flake or cake and doesn’t cause dandruff either. It gives a nice hold and control over the edges for all day.

Easy to apply, the cream is quite the choice when shopping on tight budget.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It controls the edges efficiently
  • It moisturizes and gives the hair a natural shine
  • It works for natural and relaxed hair
  • It smells nice and it’s low priced

The cons aren’t major:

  • The hold isn’t very strong
  • Some may not go for the smell that is rather strong

Beggars can’t be choosers, so you shouldn’t skip the cream when you’re going shopping with only few bucks in your wallet.

3. Easy to use and giving you a nice hold throughout the entire day, the Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel is a great option for getting control over the edges.

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel review

The gel is made with 100% pure olive oil and doesn’t flake. It has a rather thick consistency and doesn’t tack. Its formula is safe to use on all hair types and it doesn’t include alcohol.

Able to deep condition your hair, the gel doesn’t give a tacky hold and works great for naturally curly hair, braids and twists alike. It doesn’t turn white on your hair and doesn’t create a crunchy feel either.

A little goes a long way and the gel is going to get your good for quite some time. It doesn’t have a strong or noticeable scent and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel either.

On top of everything else, it’s good value for the money too.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It gives a nice hold for all day long
  • It doesn’t crunch nor gives a tacky hold
  • It doesn’t turn white and has no greasy feel
  • It’s easy to use and doesn’t have a strong scent

We’re not backing down over some minor issues:

  • Some would have liked it to be a bit thinner
  • One may feel it thins out the hair

All in all, for a very good price, you get an easy to use gel that gives a nice, non-tacky and non-crunchy hold to your hair, smoothing out just fine the edges.

4. Smelling amazingly and giving your hair a light and nice to touch hold, the SheaMoisture 4 oz. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment is good for your hair on so many levels.

SheaMoisture 4 oz. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment review

The treatment has a nutrient-rich formula that helps your hair grow stronger, while conditioning your hair too. It’s made with ingredients that are well-known for their ability to improve the well-being of your hair. The formula includes peppermint leaf extract, castor seed oil, shea butter, agave stem extract, hydrolyzed keratin, yeast extract and corn bud/seed extract, but they’re not all the ingredients.

A little goes a long way so the treatment is going to serve you well for quite some time. It thickens the thin edges and puts the edges under control. It has a great smell and moisturizes nicely your hair.

Blocking the effects of humidity, the product doesn’t just give you control over your edges, but also restores and helps them get healthier and stronger.

Let’s list our favs:

  • It gives a light and easy to touch hold
  • It restores the edges, making them healthier and stronger
  • It has an amazing smell
  • It’s formulated on many ingredients

The cons are no deal breakers for us:

  • Some find it a bit difficult to spread due to its jelly consistency
  • It may be a bit difficult to wash out, according to some

Regardless of the minor problems, the castor oil treatment is still great to use for taming the edges and so much more.

5. Based on organic blueberry extract and argan oil, the Curls Paste Blueberry is going to sustain the hair growth, putting your curls under control too.

Curls Paste Blueberry review

You may use the pomade for better sculpting and defining your curls. The formula doesn’t contain any artificial oils, silicones, sulfates, parabens or colors and eliminates frizz from hair. it works great on multi-ethnic women and girls, smoothing down the unruly edges. It gives a nice, yet natural sheen to your curls.

If you’re going for a soft hold, you should use I on wet hair, whereas a strong hold is going to work better on dry hair.

The formula includes hydrogenated castor oil, keratin, silk amino acids, hydrolyzed quinoa, mango seed butter, argan kernel oil, blueberry fruit extract, shea butter, jojoba esters and so many more.

A little goes a long way and the pomade works miracles on coil and coarse hair. it’s easy to apply and it’s not sticky. It has a great smell and doesn’t leave any kind of residue. It’s not oily and it’s going to help you braid your hair easier and faster.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros:

  • It’s formulated with organic blueberry extract, mango, shea butter and argan oil
  • It defines and enhances your curls
  • It eliminates frizz and doesn’t flake
  • It has a great smell and doesn’t leave a residue

Don’t let the minor issues change your mind:

  • The jar is tiny
  • The hold could be improved

Having said that, the hair pomade helps you tame the edges, through thick and thin, every single time so it’s money well spent any given day.

6. Giving your curls a nice shine and good hold, the Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels puts your curls under control and doesn’t break the bank either.

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels review

The gel leaves the edges nice and shiny, improving the healthy appearance of your curls. The gel is not flaky nor sticky and it’s easy to rinse out. It gives a nice control over the nape back area and tapered cuts.

You only need a bit of it for smoothing the edges with your fingertips until your hair stays in place. Your hair has to be dry, clean and free from any product build up. This way, you’re going to reduce the risk for flaking. The more you’re smoothing, the silkier and straighter your hair is going to get.

The gel doesn’t have an alcohol smell and gives a nice shine to your curls. It softens the edges and its right consistency makes application a breeze. It works for thick and naturally curly hair and doesn’t feel sticky at all.

What we like the most about it:

  • It smooths out the edges
  • It gives a nice and healthy shine to your hair
  • It softens hair and makes it easier to style
  • It has a good consistency

We’re not making a drama out of the minor problems:

  • If you’re using too much of it, you may get an ashy look for your curls
  • It may give a crunchy feel when you’re using too much of the gel

The good outweighs the bad though and you should give the gel a try for tamed and shinier curls.

7. Great for creating a silky smooth texture to your hair, the Avlon Keracare Edge Tamer isn’t just giving you control over your curls, but also lets you get the best out of it for each hair style.

Avlon Keracare Edge Tamer review

The edge tamer is going to minimize the risk for ends reverting, providing a good hold that lasts throughout the entire day.

The gel is going to tame the tapered area without any worry about unexpected reversion. You can use it on natural and relaxed hair. The gel doesn’t flake nor leaves a greasy feel on hair. You only need a bit of it for the hairline, so the gel is pretty long lasting.

The formula includes hydrogenated castor oil, apple fruit extract, lemon peel extract, camellia leaf extract, propylene glycol and many other ingredients.

The gel is great for the African-American hair and doesn’t dry out your hair. The risk for building up is minor and the gel holds all day long. It has subtle smell and it’s easy to use.

We’re pretty excited about the good parts:

  • It gives a nice and silky texture to your hair
  • It reduces the risk for the ends to revert
  • It doesn’t build up nor dries out the hair
  • It has a subtle scent and lasts all day

The downsides don’t make us worry:

  • Some feel it has a glue consistency
  • It may leave a greasy feel when you’re using too much of it

Even if the gel isn’t all roses and rainbows, it still stands as a reliable choice for taming the edges all day long.

8. Great for defining your hair, while adding a subtle radiance and light hold to your curls, the Jireh Hair Care Products – Edge Control Styling Hair Balm is a wise investment to make for your curls.

Jireh Hair Care Products - Edge Control Styling Hair Balm review

The hair balm is formulated on rich nutrients that aren’t just easing up the styling process, but also fortify your hair. Aloe Vera, Olea Europaea, castor oil is among the ingredients that make the hair balm so great for your hair.

The hair balm isn’t greasy and doesn’t contain alcohol, but manages to go in your hair follicles for boosting the health of your hair. It softens and smooths out your hair, putting the edges under control. It doesn’t build up and helps you get the silky-smooth appearance of your hair.

Strong enough to ensure a good hold even on 4B and 4C hair, the hair balm is lightweight and doesn’t leave residue. It doesn’t build up nor clumps in your hair.

Easy to use, the hair balm is color safe and softens your hair for quite some time. A little goes a long way and you’re going to use it for quite some time. It supports the health of your hair and scalp altogether.

Going over the good things once again with a list of pros:

  • The hair balm ensures a light hold and a nice shine
  • It sustains a healthy hair and scalp
  • It creates a silky look without the build up
  • It’s color safe and doesn’t contain alcohol

We’re not seeing the downsides as deal breakers:

  • The jar is a tad small for the price
  • The risk for white residue isn’t null, especially if you’re using too much of it

Far from being a high dollar product, the hair balm is great for taming the edges and sustaining the health of your hair scalp for a fair price. What’s not to like about that?

9. Ensuring a secure hold for the edges every single time, for all day long, the As I Am Smoothing Gel isn’t the gel to skip on when shopping.

As I Am Smoothing Gel review

The gel doesn’t dry out nor hardens your hair, but tames the edges nice and easy every time. Its formulated on aloe Vera leaf juice, beet root and hydrogenated wheat protein, leaving a nice appearance on your curls.

It has a light and smooth consistency that ensures easy application and spreading. Its nice and tropical scent is subtle and doesn’t linger on your hair for a long time.

A little goes a long way and the hair gel is going to serve you for a good amount of time. It doesn’t weigh down your curls and rinses nice and easy. The hold is good and the edges are easier to tame.

Let’s list down the main good things:

  • The gel ensures a secure hold
  • It has a lightweight and smooth consistency
  • It has a pleasant tropical scent
  • It controls the edges and doesn’t build up

The list of cons is very short:

  • The container is a bit smaller than expected
  • If you’re going for the strong hold, this isn’t the one for you

As far as you’re focusing on the goods, which are plenty, you should take the plunge and try the gel next time you’re styling your hair in the morning.

10. Making your hair flexible and easy to manage for styling, the Aveda Control Paste Finishing Paste Definition with Pliable Hold is a great option to keep in mind for controlling your edges.

Aveda Control Paste Finishing Paste Definition with Pliable Hold  review

The finishing paste gives you the perfect final touch, without weighing down or leaving too much sheen on your hair. It works efficiently for all hair types and eliminates fly aways. It’s not sticky and defines very nicely your curls.

Made in the United States, the gel is formulated on linseed seed extract, hydrogenated castor oil, coconut, marshmallow, rapeseed, mica, glycerin and several other ingredients.  It has a great smell and gives nice results, without clumping or flaking.

The finishing paste has just the right consistency for an easy application and works for natural and relaxed hair.

Let’s make a short list of good things:

  • It tames the edges and makes hair easier to manage
  • It ensures a good hold with low sheen
  • It works for all hair types
  • It has a pleasant smell and doesn’t flake

The downsides are no reason for you to back down:

  • It may leave a white residue if you’re using too much of it
  • It’s not the cheapest option out there

Even if the price may be the deal breaker for some, the finishing paste still stands as one dependable choice for completing your frizz-free look.

Best gel for natural hair edges

11. The lightweight formula of the Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze one good reason for liking it, but the edge control product is a lot more than that.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze review

The edge control product softens the hair and defines nice and easy the natural curls. It doesn’t flake nor leaves a sticky feel to your hair. It’s not greasy and its underlying scent is simply great.

Moisturizing and detangling your curls, the edge control product doesn’t weigh down your hair and eliminates frizz. It feels water-based so it’s easy to apply. You only need a bit of it so it’s going to get you good for a nice amount of time. Some like to use it for co-wash and the hair treatment is strong enough for the thick 4C hair as well.

It ensures a firm, yet flexible hold and its formula works without drying out your hair. It contains shea butter, coconut oil and aloe Vera leaf juice, which explains its efficiency and pleasant smell.

Whether you’re going for some twist definition or slick-back styles, the edge control treatment is going to be a dependable option anytime.

The formula doesn’t contain silicone and doesn’t build up either.

We’ve shorted the pros to the following:

  • It has a lightweight formula that doesn’t build up
  • It softens and defines the natural curls
  • It doesn’t weigh down the hair
  • It smells nice and doesn’t contain silicone

We’re not concern about the minor issues:

  • A sensitive skin may develop some bumps
  • It may leave a white residue if used too much

All things considered, as it provides better definition of your natural curls, while moisturizing and softening the curls, the edge control treatment is a sure “yes” for many.