best rotating hair brush

It’s not a wild guess to assume that most of us cringe when we think about how much time it takes us to do our hair every day. That’s what? 40 minutes per day? One hour? Sometimes, even more, depending on your tresses. If you are the proud owner of kinky curls or even if your hair is straight but thin enough to get all frizzy, the minutes you invest in getting a presentable hairdo for work or school just keep adding to the count.

To top all that up, the list of tools we need to get our hair to look on fleek is not a short one either. Blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, and so on, yes, they can tots make your hair look bouncy and voluminous or dead-straight and sleek, but after years of use and sometimes even misuse, we are all well aware that the damage caused will take an intensive hair rehab procedure to undo.

If you’ve ever wondered about a product that would help you cut the amount of time and tools in half or even more, lo and behold – the rotating hair brushes and the magic they do!

Here are some of the benefits of using this type of brush:

  • It enables you to style your hair in a jiffy, because it incorporates a blow-dryer so that you can style your hair even when it’s damp
  • It doesn’t really matter whether you have soft or coarse hair, this type of brush can take care of it
  • Causes way less damage to your hair as compared to other styling tools that overheat; it also has a cold-air function
  • Good quality rotating brushes have natural bristles, so say goodbye to split ends due
  • It creates a lot of volume, even if your hair weighs down naturally – cinema look, here we come!
  • Some brushes have an ionic generator that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to shine

We’ve tried and tested and did our research, and below you’ll find our top picks for the most popular rotating hair brushes to keep your hair looking glam and magazine-cover worthy.

Top 5 Rotating Hair Brushes

Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler

If you want to add shine and volume to your curls, the Infiniti Conair Rotating Styler is the way to go.

It works similarly to the brush and blow-dryer method, but all in one. This brush has two heat settings plus a cool setting and a 2-speed function. The multidirectional brush rotates in both directions (it can also be used without the spin function of course).

At first, you might think it will tangle your hair like crazy, but the antistatic bristles not only reduce frizz to zero, they also prevent tangling.

The bulky look and size might seem as a downside, but in return, they offer a great grip.

As a plus, the ceramic coating helps keep your hair healthy and another key aspect is that the removable filter allows for recurrent cleaning that guarantees a long life for this styler.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

When it comes to hair-care stylers, Babyliss is quite the veteran, and with this product, the professional brand is not letting us down either.

If you’re looking for an amazing lift, and to combat lackluster hair, while also adding tons of volume, then take this spinner for a spin. The Babyliss Pro Nano Hot Air Rotating brush has a multi-direction feature (it rotates both ways) and offers the possibility to forward and reverse the movement via its push button.

To ensure a completely sleek and bouncy effect for your hair, the manufacturer added antistatic bristles, along with the ions dispenser. The ions have the property of adding shine and cover your hair strands in a protective shield that keeps frizz away.

This brush can be used for either short or long hair; it can bring back life into your curls, as well as tame straight hair gone crazy. You can use it on wet hair too, thanks to its powerful air flow and the variety of temperature settings (3).

The Babyliss Pro Nano brush has a pretty large barrel as well, and that can be hard to handle for some. Just keep in kind you don’t have to lift it for hours. In just 10 minutes you’re all done.

Revlon Perfect Heat 2″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush RVHA6011

Revlon Perfect Heat 2 Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush RVHA6011

If you’re a bit tight on budget, but still want to go with a pretty darn good hair brush, then Revlon Perfect Heat 2″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush is the perfect choice that will not let you down.

This baby comes with a lot of pluses:

First off let’s talk wattage: The Revlon comes equipped with a 900 watts (whereas the Babyliss has 500 and the Conair – 750). This means the Revlon will be able to dry your hair faster, as it’s blowdrying power is higher. Not just that, but the styling results will also last longer due to its higher heat level. Be cautious though, as high heat can also damage your hair a lot more.

The tourmaline coating this brush comes with is a mineral base that has a high output of ions, designed to eliminate frizz, by smoothing the strands and promote an irresistible shine.

If you’re based in Europe, then you’re in luck – the popularity of rotating hair brushes is far vaster there and the variety of products greater. So except for the suggestions above, check out a few more other options that can be at hand for you.

Rowenta BrushactivCF 9320 D0 Hot Air Ionic Booster Hair Styler 1000 W Purple

Rowenta BrushactivCF 9320 D0 Hot Air Ionic Booster Hair Styler 1000 W Purple

When it comes to the rotating brush functionalities and technology used, the competition is really on for all brands. The Rowenta Brush Activ styler does not by any means fall behind in these aspects. So apart from the left-right rotation and the 0-1-2 temperature and speed settings, this brush comes with a few hidden ACEs of its own. First of all, its power. At 1000 watts, the Rowenta guarantees both a fast blow-drying process as well as a very speedy rotation, as compared to other products.

The Rowenta Brush Activ CF 9320 D0 Hot Air Ionic Booster Hair Styler comes with two brushes, instead of just one (30 and 50 mm in diameter) so that you can easily style your locks regardless of their length.

While blow-drying, the negative ions draw the water molecules around the hair strand. The negative ion emission has the property of reducing the static energy and the hair’s tendency to get frizzy. This brush has not one, but two ion generators that can emit 40 times more ions than the previous model (CF9220).

Last but not least, the ceramic coating releases a mild warmth that once combined with the power of ions, leads to a very smooth and silky finish.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush; 1 1/2 inch (packaging may vary)

If you have layered hair or a shorter hair style, then the experts at John Frieda have designed the perfect styler for you. With its two heat settings + a cool level, and its multidirectional brush, you have full control over the masterpiece you want to create.

If you’re a hair stylist or a DIY-er, this professional rotating hair brush is ideal for creating volume, a Hollywood-like shape, and giving your hair a beautiful, high-def shine finish.

Its soft bristles and the 42 mm titanium-ceramic barrel, along with the highly conditioning ionic technology that locks in moisture, make the John Frieda Hot Air Brush one of the greatest rotating brushes to help you obtain great results quickly, safely, and conveniently at home.

The hinged rear filter and the protective bristle cover are great additions to this tool that ensure a long life for this styler, guaranteed to last three years by the manufacturer itself.

Bottom line, the right rotating brush for your tresses is out there! From the delicate BaByliss PRO Nano to the powerful Rowenta Brush Activ, these spinning stylers are here to save you precious time and also to take your hairdo game to the next level. Whatever you choose in the end, all reviewers agree one thing’s for certain: these tools are the key to a lustrous look for the modern woman.