Flawless Skin How Tori Bowie Does It

When she was in her teenage years, Tori Bowie sure spent a lot of time playing basketball in Mississippi. As a matter of fact, the 27-year-old athlete candidly admits that basketball is, in fact, her “first love”. Chances are that she would have been a great WNBA player too. However, the three-time Olympic medalist surprised everyone and become the fastest woman in the world in track and field.

Tori BowieWinner of a gold medal in 2017 in the 100-meter dash at the World Athletics Championships in London, the beautiful sprint star is changing everything we know so far about beauty standards, both on the running track and off it.

She admits to Essence that “I’ve always felt more prepared whenever I do my makeup”. Surprisingly enough, she does something we didn’t expect from a sprint star: “I feel like doing my makeup before a race is part of my uniform. I always come out with a hair scarf or a headband, and I try to wear a new one for each race.”

Doing her hair, makeup and taking care of the health of her skin is something very common that doesn’t count just for the post-race photos and press. By contrary, she likes to focus on it, just the way she focuses on her training. Drinking plenty of water and eating a strict diet is also fundamental for her body, but she doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to proper skin care routine.

Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, powder and lipstick are part of Bowie’s race-day preparation that helps her get a good beat while preparing for the race. Some tea tree oil and Aveeno facial scrub are also some of her secrets when trying to keep breakouts at distance. The 27-year old sport star is also a big fan of “embracing the sweat” during her workouts and training. She’s not only determined to win the track, but also to have a clear and healthy look as well.

The flawless skin, the muscular, long and amazing legs made the innovative masterminds at Valentino turn Bowie into a star with an ad campaign. As a matter of fact, several designers talked her into doing some runways during New York fashion Week in February. All of these fashion events didn’t stop her from winning the 200-meter dash at the Grenada Invitational on April 21. Side note? Her skin looked amazingly radiant when crossing the finish line too!

There’s no surprise to anyone that the dark-skinned Black woman that is so dedicated to healthy and beautiful skin is also a big fan of Rihanna’s all-inclusive product line, Fenty Beauty. She admits that “It’s hard to find powder and things for my skin tone”. “I look at Rihanna’s collection, and I’m always in awe because there’s a shade that exists for every skin tone” she continues and we couldn’t agree more.

But Rihanna’s collection isn’t the only thing that Bowie admires. She isn’t shy about telling us about her admiration for the legendary track star Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner. As for the new rising stars out there, Bowie is honest and admits rooting for the “Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o. she has only the nicest words for the amazing actress: “She [Lupita Nyong’o] is absolutely amazing, and I feel like she has shown this generation that we can be natural and beautiful at the same time.”

Newsflash? Bowie is quite on the fast-track to empower girls in her very own way, just as well!

Post originally published on www.essence.com