Quick and easy HairStyles for long and short hair

You’re short on time but still want to look chic and fabulous. How often does that happen to us, ladies? We’re sure the answer is “pretty often.” Supporting the right hairstyle can make you look marvelous in a matter of minutes, but the wrong one can haunt you for a long time.  

But wait, before you try different hairstyles first ensure that your hair is cut the right way. Choose the right haircut depends on choosing a style that suits your face shape the most. A little investment in the right kind of haircut done with the right accessories goes a long way. Get your hair cut from a salon or do it yourself, just ensure you use the best hairdressing scissors for your hair. 

Now that you know how important getting the right haircut is, let’s list those fast and easy yet chic hairstyles. 

Twisted Messy Bun 

Twisted Messy Bun

A quick bun is the most effortless hairstyle to go for. To make the bun look elegant, add a twist to it. Twist your hair from both sides. Fold these twists and use the remaining hair to make a bun. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins. 

To add a little extra flair, you can use a retro bow tie to tie the bun. You can take a few strands out and leave them curled on the side. Viola! You now have a quick hairstyle that’s easy yet classy.  

Neat Top Knot

If you want to opt for a more elegant look, the neat top knot is for you. Just gather all your hair and put it into a knot at the top of your head. Use a hair gel to prevent any stray hair from sticking out. 

It’s important to remember this hairstyle works best on medium to long hair. Short hair tends to escape from a top knot easily. However, if you want to try this look on short hair, you can. The trick is to use black bobby pins to keep the shorter strands from getting out of the knot. 

Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytail with a Twist

If your hair is cut short, you might think there aren’t many hairstyle options available. But that’s not the case! You can make use of this ponytail with a twist and style your short hair quickly. 

Just part your hair in the middle. Take the front two sections and twist them. Secure the twists with bobby pins on both sides. Take the back hair, tie a hairband around it, and you’re done! Your short hair will look neat and utterly fabulous in this hairdo. 

Sleek Ponytail 

Sometimes, the simplest things look the best. This applies to this hairstyle as well. A stylish high ponytail is your best bet in situations where you’re short on time. However, make sure you use two hair ties instead of just one. This ensures that your ponytail will not sag after a few hours. 

If you have also had too much stray hair coming out of the ponytail, use a light coating of hair gel on each side of your head. This will make the hairstyle look super smooth. This style suits long hair in particular.

Half Up Hair Style

Half Up Hair Style

Tired of tying your hair the same way every day? Give this easy-to-do Half Up hairstyle a chance. Pull up the front part of your hair. Tie the upper half back and let the lower half stay loose. If you’re a fan of middle partings like us, leave the parting intact while tying the top half. 

To add that ‘wow factor’ to your look, use cute accessories with this hairstyle. You can use a jumbo barrette or a cute bow. The choice is yours. Choose whatever you think fits your style best. This hairstyle takes only half a minute to make yet looks super cute. 

Clipped to the Side

Clips are the most talked-about hair accessory this season. You can part your hair from the middle or the side, whatever suits you best. Then add a clip. For a more formal look, you clip your hair at the back with a simple pin. 

To add a little bit of bling, you can choose studded clips or a brightly colored clip. There is an infinite number of choices available when it comes to hair clips. So, you can customize your Clipped to the Side look any way you want! 

Braided Hair Band

Classy is the word that describes this easy hairstyle the best. It’s easy to make yet leaves you looking elegant. Take a large strand of your hair from the front section. You can braid it any way you want. You can make a Dutch braid or opt for a simpler one. Then flip it over and pin the braid to the other side of your head. If your braid is on the left side, pin it to the right side or vice versa. You can leave the hair at the back open or tie it up in a ponytail. Either way, your hair will end up looking sophisticated. 

These hairstyles are all fast and easy to make. We advise you to take full advantage of them! Be it for school, college, or office. These easy-to-make hairstyles will work with all of them. Not only are these hairstyles cute, but some of them are also quite formal. So this list covers hairstyles that’ll work for nearly any event. So, get styling!


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