Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Neuro Smooth Flat Iron from Paul Mitchell

Even though the market gives you plenty of affordable flat irons, truth be told, the more you’re willing to pay, the more you should expect in terms of performance and overall quality.

When you’re paying more for your flat iron, you shouldn’t worry about its durability, performance or the possible damage to your hair. This doesn’t mean that all expensive flat irons are higher quality. It simply means that the chances of ending up with a lemon are slim when you’re paying the extra buck.

Why is Neuro Smooth Flat Iron a wise investment?

When you’re getting a flat iron like the Neuro Smooth Flat Iron, you’re keeping at bay the risk for damaging your hair while styling it.

Neuro Smooth Flat Iron does it work

You’re expecting higher quality for the plates and less damage to your hair. You’re not supposed to wait much until the flat iron heats up and you shouldn’t need to pass over your hair several times.

The Neuro Smooth Flat Iron does all that and much more and you need to put your money and faith in it the next time you’re out shopping.

A detailed overview of the Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

The flat iron is a great option for smoothing, but you can confidently use it for flips and waves too. It only needs 30 seconds to get to the high temperature, which is 450F degrees.

The Neuro Smooth Flat Iron also checks the box of the adjustability as it comes with adjustable temperature. This way, you get to use the right temperature, according to your hair type and hair styles.

The plates are 1.25” wide and are premium IsoTherm titanium plates. They’re not just heating fast, but they also style your hair, without damaging. The risk for flyaways is minor and there’s no burnt smell when using the flat iron either. Let’s not forget to mention that the plates are cushioned and come with beveled edges. You can easily try various hair styles with the flat iron.

The list of good features also includes the Smart Sense microchip which ensures lightning-fast heat recovery.

The auto shut-off is a functional feature that makes use safer and easier altogether.

The flat iron features a digital display and the setup of the buttons is pretty intuitive. As a matter of fact, the flat iron is pretty user friendly altogether.

Due to the quality of the plates, the flat iron has a good grip of the hair, but it doesn’t tear it. It doesn’t snag at your hair and the hair doesn’t get caught between the plates either.

The grip is good and firm and the flat iron works great for all hair types, thick, coarse and curly hair including.

Is it difficult to use?

Apart from holding on tight your hair, without damaging it, the flat iron is easy and comfortable to use. It’s lightweight and the strain for your arms and shoulders while using it is minor.

The cord sis long and swivel, so you get freedom to move your arm just the way you want it.

The flat iron has a good and firm grip and doesn’t slip from your hands. The digital display is a bit fancy, but there’s nothing challenging about using it. By contrary, the adjustments are easy to make and all features are user friendly.

Even though the flat iron heats up in only 30 seconds, it doesn’t get hot so you may safely use it without safety concerns.

The flat iron is well made and leaves a durability feel. It’s made to take the use for a long time and you shouldn’t stress over its lifespan. Black and sleek, the flat iron looks nice and elegant too.

Credits: Kevin White

What are its ups and downs?

We really like many things about the flat iron and here are some of the most important ones:

  • The flat iron heats up to 450F degrees in just 30 seconds
  • It comes with adjustable temperature
  • It’s easy to use on all hair types
  • It’s great for smoothing hair
  • It features 1.25” IsoTherm titanium plates
  • It comes with digital display and swivel cord

As for the parts we like less, it’s important to highlight that they’re not deal breakers for us:

  • It’s not the cheapest flat iron out there
  • It may catch hair where the plates meet

What’s the final word on it?

Reliable, adjustable and fast heating, the flat iron is a wise investment to make for your hair styling and it’s worth every single penny.

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