The Perfect Makeup-Free Selfie

When you go and see one of Gabrielle Union’s pictures, it’s impossible not to be utterly amazed and wonder why did she stop aging after 1998. Whether she’s working on a movie, doing some exercises or stepping out on the red carpet, it’s practically impossible not to be impressed with her appearance. it seems that she found out the best skin care routine that keeps her skin healthy, smooth and radiant at all time. On top of everything, she’s confident enough to flaunt it without any touch of makeup too, which only impresses us even more.

We’re confident that the 44-year-old does have many secrets up her sleeve when it comes to proper skin care and she definitely knows how to show us her makeup –free face every time she has (or creates?) the opportunity. Sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, going air conditioning-free while in Miami are only some of the things she does for the perfect looking skin and she was kind enough to share 5 of her rules that she follows religiously for getting that perfect makeup-free selfie.

  1. Praise the clean skin

One of the things the Gabrielle Union really likes is to let us all admire her skin after a nice scrub. The Instagram photo is there for the demonstration and her words are only confirming the love she has for clear and healthy looking skin: “Well hello freckles, it’s been a minute ️”.

  1. Do you know about the Golden Hour?

If you’ve been on Instagram, you should already know by now that you cannot just post anytime of the day or night. It’s fundamental that you post during the 60-minutes pre-sunset, when the natural light is the rosiest, flattering you in the best way possible.

  1. Better yet, use the natural light as much as you can!

No matter how tempted you may be by using the flash of your smartphone, it’s always better to take advantage of the natural light. Midday sun is an amazing natural highlighter and you want to use for improving the glow of your skin.

  1. Don’t forget to hydrate. It’s not only for your body, you know!

Gabrielle Union confessed in People a few years ago that she never forgets to drink her water: “My mom preached water, because it was more economical than soda or juice. She also stated that she tries as much as she can to stay away from air conditioning which is known for drying out the skin.

  1. Take a deep breath and…chill!

The master of makeup-free selfies was also true about knowing her priorities: “My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no and hell no”. She continued explaining in Women’s Health about the importance of taking your time-out, whenever you feel like it: “We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles.”

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