Tourmaline Tools 1059 ReviewsSugar & Fluff’s Review of the Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools

If you’re determined to get the professional hair style from the comfort of your home, you can give it a go with some of the good options out there.

You don’t need to pay a lot of money for a good hooded hair dryer and you only need to take a leap of faith and give it a go the next time you’re in need.

The Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools is such an option and the only way to get it why is to read on.

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional

Why should you get Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools?

The Tourmaline Tools 1059 stands out with a great package of good features and its fair price is only going to seal the deal faster.

First thing to begin with is the fact that the dryer features both tourmaline and ionic Nano technology. The Pre-Moisture system of the dryer turns the airflow into a pleasant and hydrating spa treatment for your hair.

The dryer also presents a reliable adjustability on many levels and it’s packed with qualities, but you’re going to have to keep on reading for the details.

What makes the Tourmaline Tools 1059 so special?

The Tourmaline nano particles give far-infrared energy that penetrates and dries the interior of hair, without over-drying the exterior. It minimizes the risk for cracking and brittleness so this is why the hair remains shiny and soft. It also cleanses your hair from various impurities and unpleasant smells.

On the other hand, the direct Ion technology with nano ions that are negatively charged makes the cuticles shiny, soft and frizz-free as it breaks water into tiny droplets that are easy to absorb.

Apart from the Pre-Moisture System that eliminates flyaways and protects your hair, while styling it, the dryer has an 1875 Watt output which means that it’s going to dry fast and easy even the coarse and thick African-American hair. Additionally, your hair is silky, softer and shiny when you’re done and the frizz is all gone too.

The dryer isn’t very loud and you may find the right speed and heat for a special hair style as the dryer comes with 2 speed and 4 heat options. Its 9ft. cord gives you plenty of freedom for movement, whereas the telescoping stand is height adjustable for best comfort.

Continuing with the list of features, we need to mention that the dryer not only comes with removable legs, but also with two lockable wheels. This way, you get to move around nice and easy the dryer, without worrying about its stability. The design is well thought-out and the removable legs from base ease up the storage problem.

The hood looks nice and its purple accents makes it stand out in any corner of your house, combining just fine with the black body of the dryer. The hood features an adjustable front visor that doesn’t make just the use easier, but also the entire experience more pleasant. Multi-tasking is easy while using the dryer and you can comfortably read a magazine or put your makeup on while styling your hair.

The bonnet is not only large, but also adjustable and you may comfortably use, without having your head stuck in it, even the largest rollers.

The dryer also comes with a lint filter that is easy to remove for cleaning when in need.

Is it easy to install and to use?

Yes, setting it up for the first time is only going to take you a couple of minutes. The dryer is also easy to operate, to move around and to handle. The adjustments run smooth and they’re not tricky to make.

The hair dryer stays in place when you need as its base is pretty sturdy. The wheels run well and the dryer isn’t very loud either.

We like a lot its sleek design and color combination.

You can confidently use the hair dryer for deep conditioning treatments. The blowing force is good and the dryer is great, no matter how tall you are.

What do we like the most about it?

The list of things that got us isn’t short at all:

  • The hair dryer features Tourmaline and Ionic Nano technology
  • It dries your hair fast and easy, leaving it shiny and soft
  • It comes with adjustable heat, speed and height
  • It’s sturdy, but comes with wheels for freedom while styling
  • The hood is large and adjustable, featuring an adjustable visor
  • It has a sleek and pretty design

The cons shouldn’t change your mind when shopping:

  • One may think it gets rather hot during styling
  • The stability could be improved
  • Not everyone is going to find it easy to store it away

What’s our verdict?

Even though its sleek design and price are going the first things to notice, the dryer actually is a lot more than meets the eye. Adjustable on so many levels, easy to use and to move around, the dryer dries your hair fast and leaves it shiny and smooth. What’s not to like?

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