Replenix Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Never in the history of healthy and young looking skin anyone has had a dehydrated skin at the same time. Your skin cannot look younger and rejuvenated unless it’s well hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

Therefore, instead of only using the high dollar skin care products, give your skin what it needs and use a hyaluronic serum on a daily basis. When it comes to hydration, there’s no better option of keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized for the day but a good hyaluronic acid serum.

Why try Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Nourishing and reliable, the hyaluronic acid serum from Replenix quenches dehydrated skin only to leave it suppler and smoother.

The serum ensures all-day moisture retention and is able to diminish the visibility of aging signs as it’s formulated on an effective combination of antioxidants and humectants. Your skin gets brighter and firmer and you get that rejuvenated feel that you were looking for.

Despite its powerful formula, the serum addresses to all skin types as it’s made with various molecular forms of hyaluronic acid for giving continuous hydration. You should add to your regular cream or serum when you’re looking to hydrate more your skin.

What’s to say about the formula?

The serum is based on hyaluronic acid which is the multifunctional polymer that is able to bind more than 1,000times its weight in water. Hyaluronic acid is fundamental for storing moisture levels in the skin. The older we get, the more the natural levels of HA decrease so the skin’s barrier weakens, allowing signs of aging to show.

The pharmaceutical-grade formula of the serum combines peptides, caffeine and retinol with natural green tea polyphenols, rejuvenating your skin complexion.

The list of ingredients includes ergothioneine and glutathione that are strong antioxidants that protect the skin from the damage of the free radicals.

The palmitoyl Tripeptide-28 helps your skin look younger as it sustains a healthy collagen production.

The multiple molecular weights of HA are another thing to note about the formula. The sophisticated combination of molecular weight creates a breathable hydration that strengthens the skin’s barrier and improves the skin complexion altogether.

As for the Zinc PCA and Copper PCA, they’re great for reducing the excess oil production in skin.

What does it do for your skin?

Due to its formula, the serum works for all skin types and rejuvenates the skin pretty fast. It’s a great choice when struggling with acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, sensitivity or pigmentation.

It’s a safe serum to use on sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause irritation. It reduces redness and itchiness, bringing comfort to skin in various skin conditions.

It ensures smooth and instant correction to your skin, penetrating deeply your skin for a thorough hydration.

The serum diminishes the risk for developing blackheads and balances the combination skin. It improves the skin complexion pretty fast and plumps the skin.

How to get the best out of it?

You may include the serum in your skin care regimen daily. Some like to use it AM and PM, but you should pay attention to your skin’s reaction to decide how often should you use it.

You should start by cleansing your skin with the Replenix Green Tea Fortified Cleanser

A small amount of the serum (2-4 drops) is going to be enough for your face and neck. You can also apply it on other dry skin areas including elbows, feet and hands. Pat the serum nice and gently into your skin.

The serum comes with a dropper so using isn’t going to be a problem. The serum doesn’t have an oily feel and sinks right into the skin. It doesn’t have a sticky sensation and gives a healthy glow to your skin. It feels amazing on skin and leaves a nice soft touch feel behind.

For better results, you can follow the serum with Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 50 Plus

What’s to like about the serum? What do we like less?

Based on a well thought out formula, the serum has many qualities so here’s our list of pros:

  • The serum brightens and rejuvenates the skin
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • It brightens skin complexion and gives a nice glow to the skin
  • It sinks right into the skin
  • It works fast

The minor issues are no reason to back down:

  • It’s not a cheap serum
  • Some like to use it only at night
  • It may sit a bit on a very dry skin

Do we have a winner or not?

Powerful and dependable, the serum doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth every single penny so it’s only up to you to decide how much is worth your skin.

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