Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum

The eyes are the mirror of your soul and you cannot have great looks when your lashes are thin and short. Sure, a good mascara may help you on that, but you can get longer and fuller eye lashes when using a good lash accelerator serum.

A lash accelerator serum isn’t just going to improve your lashes and look for the day, but it’s going to help your lashes grow longer and fuller so that the effects get long lasting.

Why use Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum?

Able to sustain your own natural, organic lash but also your brow hair growth, the accelerator serum by Rimmel helps your lashes get lush, full and filled in eyebrows. When used on regular basis, the serum is going to make your lashes look up to 100% longer, eliminating the need for mascara.

You may use the serum if your eyelashes are naturally short or dried out or broken off by use of mascara and eyelash curlers. The serum is strong enough to replenish and nourish natural lashes, but also to encourage more growth and length, making your eyelashes look thicker.

When you’re looking to accentuate your looks, the Lash Accelerator Serum by Rimmel is the way to go.

What are the ingredients?

The list of the ingredients is pretty long and we’re only going to take a better look at some of them. Nevertheless, we should start by highlighting that the mascara is non-toxic and safe to use for everyone. After all, we’re talking about Rimmel, the British company that was founded ages ago, somewhere around 1830. So one thing you can count on when it comes to Rimmel is their impressive experience on beauty products.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients:

  • Hydrogenated castor oil-boosts hair growth and also reduces and prevents hair damage. It eliminates dry hair and makes your lashes look fuller and shinier. It’s a great ingredient for the health of your eyelashes.
  • Arginine-improves the flow of blood and the base of eyelashes follicle. It blocks the poor development of eyelashes follicles and sustains the eyelashes growth. it protects the eyelashes from the harmful chemicals and benefits the eyelashes.
  • Caffeine-interacts with the eyelashes and controls their behavior and growth. it increases eyelashes growth and also restores the eyelashes growth, preventing their loss.
  • Biotin-it sustains the growth of eyelashes and strengthens them
  • Bamboo leaf extract-contains silica and it helps your eyelashes look fuller and thicker. It strengthens the eyelashes and makes them shine in a natural way.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin-protects and penetrates the eyelashes shaft in order to replace missing keratin along the hair shaft, which translates into short and thin eyelashes. It rebuilds the protective layer of your eyelashes and makes them stronger. It increases their elasticity and reduces risks for breakage and splitting. It makes them look fuller and shinier.

How to get the best out of it? What’s it like when using it?

In order to get best results, you should apply the serum on cleansed eyelashes, before going to sleep. You can use Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover. It’s important that you let the serum work throughout the night and fully enjoy the improvements in the morning.

The serum is fairly easy to use and its short brush allows you to work nice and gently on your eyelashes.  The little brush lets you target each area. Some like using it at night, before going to sleep. Some like to use it under the regular mascara, but this may create too much thickness for your eyelashes.

The serum doesn’t create any discomfort and doesn’t darken your eyelashes/eyebrows. The lashes get fuller and longer and their new appearance is healthy.

Additionally, the serum protects the eyelashes from future damage too.

You may accentuate your looks in the morning with Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Endless.

Some got results after just a couple of days of using the serum, but keep in mind that our bodies react differently.

What do we like the most? Do we hate anything?

The serum sure makes a nice impression with many things and here are the pros from our point of view:

  • It’s makes your eyelashes fuller, longer and healthier
  • It’s easy to use and reliable
  • It’s a great value for the money
  • It doesn’t cause discomfort and doesn’t darken your eyelashes

The inherent flaws aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • It may cause mild irritation in some situations
  • One may feel it’s too thick to apply it before mascara

Is it a go or not?

Affordable and able to make your eyelashes look longer, fuller and healthier in just a couple of days, the serum lash accelerator by Rimmel is money well spent any given day.

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