Rodial Bee Venom Moisturizer Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Rodial Bee Venom moisturizer

Just because you’re not in your twenties anymore doesn’t mean you should give up on trying to have younger and better looking skin.

Luckily for all of us out there, the cosmetic industry gives us constantly better and faster working products as there is no day passing by when a new ingredient is discovered for its benefits to the skin.

What is the Rodial Bee Venom Moisturizer?

The Rodial Bee Venom moisturizer stands out with a sophisticated formula that rejuvenates and renews the skin, leaving it healthier and younger. The main ingredient is the bee venom that works in synergy with a one-of-a-kind complex of plant stem cells that increase your skin’s elasticity and improve the skin tone as well.

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Why should you use it? How does it work?

The advanced formula of the moisturizer makes the skin look fresher and younger. It’s based on a combination of strong ingredients (bee venom, vitamin C and sodium Hyaluronate) that create this highly effective moisturizer.

The ingredients within the formula increase the elasticity of your skin, but also plump up the skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturizer controls the facial muscle contractions, boosting the blood circulation.

Another important ingredient within the formula is the cyclopeptide-5 that gives your skin back its nicer tone and flexibility. Juvinity is the ingredient that stimulates the collagen production, whereas the vitamin C evens your skin complexion.

The moisturizer hydrates the skin for longer time due to the sodium hyaluronate within the formula.

Now you get it why the moisturizer is so highly efficient; it simply combines some of the most advanced and powerful anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.

Is there something else to note about its formula?

Not only the formula is based on the bee venom and the cyclopeptide-5 and juvinity, but it also includes other ingredients that have plenty of benefits for the skin:

  • Shea butter- reduces inflammation in skin and smooths the skin. It’s a great moisturizer as well.
  • Rice germ oil-it has an amazing deep-moisturizing ability. It presents a combination of vitamin E and fatty acids, so it hydrates the skin deeply. It’s lightweight and penetrates easily, without increasing the oiliness of your skin. It’s an anti-aging ingredients and the vitamin B helps it firm and tighten your skin. It reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains “squalene” which makes your skin look younger. It may even brighten the look of your skin, lessening the visibility of dark spots. It evens your skin tone and protects from the outer aggressors, increasing the glow of your skin.
  • Sunflower seed oil-is loaded with Vitamin E so it protects the skin against the bad UVs. It moisturizes the skin and fights the aging process. It helps your skin look nicer and sooths the irritated skin. It comforts the dry skin and treats acne too.
  • Citric acid-evens the skin tone and unclogs the pores. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots. It’s a great ingredient for the acne-prone skin.
  • Carrot root extract and carrot seed oil- are loaded with vitamin A and are rich in minerals too. They keep the skin alive and sustain your skin’s elasticity. They protect against sun’s damaging UVs and fade out wrinkles. They make the skin firmer and more radiant, fighting aging of skin as well. They are great for the dry skin and rejuvenate the base layer.

Any tips to keep in mind when using it? What’s the feel on skin?

The moisturizer should be applied daily on a cleansed face and neck. A little goes a long way and the moisturizer doesn’t leave a greasy feel nor any kind of residue on your skin.

It’s easily absorbed into your skin and has no strong fragrance. It plumps and smooths out your skin, going smoothly on your skin too. It helps your skin retains its moisture and doesn’t clog pores.

The moisturizer is a great base for your makeup a gives no reaction. It has a rather creamy texture that sinks right in. The foundation sits better when using the moisturizer too.

Due to its formula, the moisturizer works for all skin types.

What do we really like about it? Do we hate anything?

The moisturizer is a great option from many points of view so here are our pros to keep in mind when shopping:

  • It’s made after a revolutionary combination of strong ingredients
  • It fights against the aging of skin and protects it from future damage
  • It leaves the skin smooth, soft and radiant
  • It works for all skin types, sensitive including

We’re not going to pass on the moisturizer over some minor flaws, but we do need to mention them too:

  • Not everyone is going to see dramatic changes over night. Keep in mind that skin reacts differently
  • You need to pay the extra buck for it

What’s our verdict?

Leaving your skin firmer, younger and better looking, the moisturizer is a great base for your makeup and a must for your daily skin care routine. However, keep an eye on your wallet as the moisturizer doesn’t come cheap!

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